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'12 when check-out' guild regulations be broken the national 300 hotels push late check-out

Date: 2012-11-19

Near section time, about the hotel industry 12 when check-out is reasonable, has continued a heated discussion, hotel and consumer each sticks to his argument.Yesterday, more than 300 well-known hotel took cooperation each other, first broke the "guild regulations", officially launched the "late check-out" activities.
To participate in the "late check-out" in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, tianjin, chongqing, Harbin, dalian, Qingdao, xian, nanjing and so on more than 30 city more than 300 well-known hotel.These cooperation hotel most will check-out time delay to 14, some hotel delay to 15, even when 16.And the guests will not therefore pay any charge.But ago, guest if after 12 noon when haven't timely return a house, the hotel will often gathered much room half a day.

As we have learned, at present Beijing Hong Kong and Macao center Swiss hotel, such as the overseas Chinese building five-star hotel, Beijing Aaron hotel, national hotel four-star hotel, and new north latitude of peace hotel, hotel and so on three-star hotel, will check-out time delay to 14, belongs to high-grade type hotel Beijing apsaras building will check-out time delay to 15, Shanghai airlines hotel (pudong airport shop) will check-out time delay when to 17.In addition, 7 days hotel chains, hanting hotels group and so on economy hotel expressed that, for hotel member, check-out free time delay to 13 when to 14.

For ordinary consumers, "late check-out" undoubtedly greatly convenient their schedule.The personage inside course of study says, business travel, if is to arrange for the morning's meeting, or at noon to fete activity, sometimes need to pack carry or send exist at the front desk, it is not convenient.Now enjoy "late check-out", can wait after completion of the activity back to hotel sorting baggage, can even to wash gargle, rest, very close.And the event also explained the hotel industry "12 when check-out" guild regulations are quietly changed.