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Shanghai tourism: will push "electronic task list" put an end to chaos

Date: 2014-10-17

In recent days, continuous do to "one-day tour of Shanghai" chaos related reports, cause social attention, also attract the attention of the departments: yesterday, the city tourism bureau joint law enforcement team soldier scores road, culture of several famous scenic spot in lujiazui area of the site inspection.
Yesterday morning at 9 o 'clock, the reporter followed the city tourism market management office, deputy director of the Gu Jianbin team, came to jin MAO tower ticket window for inspection.In more than half an hour, a total of five or six foreign tour group to visit.Law enforcement personnel to each team has carried on the detailed inspection, found no "black society".However, some non-standard phenomenon still exists.
In a travel agency on the itinerary of zhejiang the jinmao tower is the pay project, and according to the schedule should be the night before to see.The tour guide explanation because time delay for a day.According to the regulation, schedule changes and to pay since the project, all need visitors signed up.Gu Jianbin demanding visitors sign list, guide the draft was pulled out a crumpled paper, of which more than 10 visitors signature."Itinerary, a list of the sign are the formal format, it is out of the specification."Gu Jianbin education on the site, the other party to accept.
In two other road inspection, the law enforcement team did not find "black guide" and "black society" problem, at half past ten in the morning after the peak tourist site inspection is over.