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Search for the most nostalgic base of Shanghai taste The bund garden hotel

Date: 2014-12-10

Is known as "Shanghai girl" xinhua rd, implicative and quiet and tastefully laid out.This article and hide in the thick of the shadow of trees and the narrow street, quiet and a bit expensive gas, winning by low-key and elegant, the phoenix tree on both sides of the road to a quiet street.On the road there is a horseshoe alley, had lived in the 1930 s many foreign nationals from all over the world, is Shanghai famous "foreign alley".
Xinhua rd, known as Shanghai first garden road.Located inside the dozens of different styles of european-style garden house, into the alley, suddenly into the European country.Here each building has its own story, they were stationed there peacefully, restraint and low-key, reveal a kind of unique beauty and desolation.
In dilute wutong covered Japanese static diffuse step on xinhua, the mood will become easy.Along thexinhua rd line all the way, can feel the different in the city of peace.Xinhua rd on the Hungarian architect at tak left dozens of building sketch, each of the building style is very different, yet equally with full-bodied amorous feelings.The pointy roofs, the old shed window and half-closed iron grating, nowhere not reveal unlimited romantic feelings.
The bund garden hotel xinhua's old house was built in 1925, it has been nearly ninety years of history.German architectural style, quiet and elegant.Hotel a total of more than 10 rooms, here, you can enjoy very distinctive flat tile double slope roof, hut the tiger window, hair white cement metope, etc.These elderly old elements, let the hotel is full of flavor of of primitive simplicity, live here, you can feel Shanghai years like song quietly.